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Founded at the beginning of 2009, Integro-EU Foundation is one of the first independent non-profit institutions active in the field of culture, art and other creations. We support cultural and heritage preservation initiatives.

Through our projects we facilitate access to culture and art for our compatriots living abroad. We popularize Polish culture and heritage. We create conditions for intellectual, cultural, social and professional development. We finance ventures in the field of culture and art. We work professionally and creatively.

Statutory missions are carried out, among others, through

  • To promote artists (professional and non-professional) and their work at home and abroad. Promoting art that carries values, with an important message, with a social theme, promoting good attitudes, etc.
  • Artistic supervision of bands, groups of artists and individual artists selected by the Foundation.
  • Organizing and co-organizing cultural and artistic events, including: concerts, concert series, performances, competitions, festivals, reviews and musical setting of various events, exhibitions, vernissages, film reviews and other artistic events in Poland and abroad.
  • Organizing training and workshops in arts and culture.
  • Implementation of exhibition projects in which Polish and international artists exhibit their works.
  • Promoting the development of artistic and cultural education in schools and the extracurricular education system.
  • Supporting and initiating valuable projects and creating conditions for intergenerational exchange.

The Integro-Eu Foundation was established in Krakow by Slawomir Jerzy Jaros and Father Georg Paul Galinski, hereinafter referred to as the Founders. 

The President of the Foundation’s Board is Katarzyna Jaros, who for years has been actively supporting domestic, foreign and non-governmental charitable organizations. Through her activities she extends the essence of education, understanding, positive attitude, and access to culture and art for Compatriots living abroad. She has been involved in activities for those in need of support long before the foundation was established.

The Foundation operates under the patronage of: John Paul II, Adam Chmielowski – Brother Albert, and Archbishop of Lviv Andrzej Roman Szeptycki.

The objectives of the Foundation are: 

  • to contribute to the dynamic process of shaping the European self-consciousness of societies in which our Compatriots live and work, especially in German, Italian and Ukrainian societies, and to bring in the values of Polish culture, 
  • mutual relations and references should be shaped on the basis of partnership and not pure utilitarianism, 
  • comprehensive action to eliminate historically accumulated mutual prejudice and stereotypical patterns of evaluation

In carrying out its statutory activity, the Foundation in particular:

  • collects cash and in-kind resources;
  • conducts and supports scientific research;
  • organizes scientific sessions, conferences, symposia and seminars;
  • conducts promotional activities, scientific workshops, training and integration trips;
  • finances and organizes any other events that promote the goals of the Foundation;
  • finance and construct facilities to serve the purposes of the Foundation;
  • provides scholarships;
  • produces scientific, educational, promotional publications and periodicals;
  • conducts educational and training activities, organizes courses and trainings;
  • conducts specialty tourism;
  • cooperates with government and local administration in the implementation of its statutory tasks;
  • appear in court and administrative proceedings in which participation is justified by the objectives of the Foundation;
  • cooperate with entities supporting the objectives of the Foundation in Poland and abroad.

In order to achieve its objectives, the Foundation supports the activities of other legal entities and individuals whose activities are consistent with the objectives of the Foundation.

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