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Voluntary contributions

If you would like to support us financially and contribute to the cultural awareness of Poles abroad, please make a voluntary donation which we will use to achieve the goals of the foundation.

PLN 🇵🇱    3216 0014 6218 0548 5010 0000 01

EUR 🇩🇪    0516 0014 6218 0548 5010 0000 02

USD 🇺🇸     7516 0014 6218 0548 5010 0000 03

For payments from abroad, please precede your account number as IBAN with PL

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Shopping Cart

How to purchase?

Shopping on the Integro-EU Foundation website is easy. Below you will find all the steps to purchase the artwork you are interested in:

1. Select the artwork you are interested in and add it to your shopping cart (if you have any doubts or questions, click the “Ask for artwork” button when you get to the product page).

2. Check the contents of your cart and then click the “Proceed to checkout” button.

3. Enter all the data you need to complete your order (follow the instructions for fields to complete).

4. After receiving confirmation of the availability of the work and information on shipping costs, confirm your order by sending us a return e-mail to:

5. Transfer the appropriate amount including the price of the artwork and shipping costs to the account listed in the “Make a donation” section of the Integro-EU Foundation website no later than 5 days after receiving information about the availability of the artwork.

Shipping and delivery costs

Shipping will be done after the transfer is made and received on the Integro-EU Foundation account.

Purchased works are shipped at the expense of the buyer. The cost of delivery is given individually for each order.

Each artwork is protected in case of possible damage.